The Power of Faith One Day Workshop

What if you could attract more Love And Abundance in you life? BIGGER than you could imagine?

Hello, my name is Faith Young and I have creating an amazing amount of abundance in my own life.

I have developed several Worksheets and Exercises that you can implement immediately in your own daily routine to manifest this abundance beyond your imagination.

In my one day workshop I will share with you real world examples of overcoming adversity and taking ownership of life.

For example, Kimberly was working a job that was not making ends meet. Her husband was completely dependant on her due to a dibilitating illness.

Her life was a mess.

Then, we worked together though powerful exercises to change her daily habits. Today, she is living from abundance, extremely filled with gratitude and even texted me in the middle of the night to say

“I am up late thinking about all the magic we can create together. I used to just stay up late and worry about everything going wrong in my life.”

Does this sound like your current situation? Are you blaming yourself? Are you constantly projecting a bad future for yourself?

I WILL show you how to change this forever in your life.

Included in “The Power Of Faith One Day Workshop” is over six hours of uplifting advice.

As a Free Bonus you will receive a downloadable workbook packed with powerful tools you can put to use right immediately!

Change Your Life!

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