Living in Abundance

When it comes to being able to receive, I like to see where people are in their lives by offering them a cup of coffee. If they don’t drink coffee or say no, I’ll offer them something else. I do this because in a very simple way, it tells me if that person is ready to receive. If you reject a $3 cup of coffee, what else are you rejecting? I call it my coffee cup philosophy.

When you reject a $3 cup of coffee, you essentially tell the Universe that you don’t need anything, that you are fine as you are. You don’t need $1,000 or $10,000 because you can’t receive $3. When you say no, whether it comes to a cup of coffee or receiving in another way, you block abundance from your life.

Something just as important, if not more so, is that you are not only blocking yourself from receiving, but you also block others from giving. If I reject a $3 cup of coffee, it may be the only thing that person is able to give, and if I can’t receive that from them, I’m hindering them from receiving more in their life because I wasn’t able to receive.


It never feels good when you offer something to someone and it’s rejected. Even if it is a glass of water, take the water. Receive something. Take one sip of it. That’s all you have to do. Receive it enough to let the person know you appreciate them. Doing this allows them to create more abundance in their life. When you receive that $3 coffee cup, you’ll also receive more in your life. You’ll start to receive free lunches, free basketball tickets, free trips to Hawaii, or even $100,000, all because you are ready to receive.

I shared this philosophy with my good friend Christina Whelan when I first met her. We were at happy hour, drinking $2 glasses of wine. I offered to pay for hers, and at first she rejected it. I then shared my coffee cup philosophy. She was taken aback and so moved by my story, that she received the happy hour wine I bought her graciously.

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