Managing Hidden Beliefs to Create Space

It’s common for people to set goals and have a vision for their life. What I’ve learned in my own life, though, is that by setting goals and creating a vision, I was actually limiting myself. I remember when I started coaching with my life coach and I said these words, “This is going to be bigger than I can imagine.”

Your thoughts can limit you. When people say, “I want to make a million dollars,” I say back, “What if you have the possibility of making ten million?” Anything is possible if you don’t limit yourself.

A gal who was in my women’s group told me she was on a five-year plan. She said that she’d be making a certain amount of money in five years and would have a certain number of recruits in place to be successful. I looked at her and said, “FIVE YEARS? Are you kidding me? What if you could do that in five months?” Her mouth fell open with an expression similar to: What? No one has ever said that before! Sure enough, six months later, she walked across a stage as a director in her company. She came back to tell me about it. “Thank you for creating the space that I could do this in months instead of years,” she said, “If it wasn’t for you, I would still be on my five-year plan.”

It’s our hidden beliefs that will hold us back. Not just other people’s beliefs about what we can do, but our own hidden beliefs about what we can or cannot create. My mom was a single mom and worked her butt off, because she held the belief that you had to work hard and nothing was ever handed to you. That thought became a hidden belief that stopped me from creating more in my own life. Man, are things completely different now that I got rid of that belief! I released the hidden belief that I have to work hard and that nothing will ever be handed to me. The second I switched it to, “Things come easily and effortlessly and I’m always taken care of,” the coolest things began to pop up.

Stop Limiting Yourself and Start Attracting More Abundance In Your Life.

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