We are all connected by energy. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions all create energy. We are energy ourselves.

Even the trees, the chair we sit on, and the stuff we own are all energy. Energy, although we can’t always see it, is there. It’s in everything.

A shift has begun to happen in our perception and understanding of energy. Human beings are becoming more aware of energy—that it is in us and in all that surrounds us. As the world continues to shift, more and more people will be able to see how we are all energy, that we are all connected, and that we are all in this together. A big part of the shift taking place is being able to recognize that energy.

Energy has always been here. Thousands of years ago, people acknowledged energy, even when they couldn’t really understand it or make sense of it. Sadly though, today, because of technology and where we’ve gone with our technological “advances,” most people have distanced themselves from energy. Not only can technology distance our connection to energy, it can also keep us distanced from each other. However, when we stay in tune with energy, it is possible for us to have a higher connection with those around us.

To get a physical experience of energy, think about a really hot day you’ve experienced in the past, the kind of day where the heat was almost unbearable. Do you remember looking at your car after it had been sitting out in the sun, exposed to the heat of the day? Do you recall the vapors as they rose from your car’s hood? That is how I like to describe energy. You can’t always see it, but there are times when it becomes visible or takes on a physical form. The heat you saw rising off the hood of the car was energy being emitted, and in that instance, you could see it. That energy was always there, even when you couldn’t see it, but the excessive heat made it visible.

Stop Resisting and Let The Energy Flow!

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