Gratitude happens on such a simple and basic level.

Even the air we breathe is not something we are entitled to—it’s a gift.

Too many people think they are entitled to everything, and they see themselves as victims. If you clock in and clock out, you think you should get paid. Well, there’s a lot you need to do in between clocking in and clocking out. And it’s not about entitlement. Thinking you are entitled means you are living an entitlement role. And, if you are in entitlement, you are likely coming from fear and scarcity. No one owes you anything. Be grateful for what you have now, and only then will you receive more. The number one way to bring more into your life is to be grateful for what you already have.

My car had a cracked windshield, but I hadn’t made time to get it fixed. My assistant began to bug me about getting it replaced. I finally realized what that cracked windshield really represented. If I want to be authentic, and my windshield is an example of not seeing clearly, what is that saying about me? It’s amazing how simple things like not taking care of a cracked windshield can affect other things.

Figuratively, a crack in the windshield does not align with seeing clearly or being able to see the future. Literally, while I am driving, it doesn’t allow me to see very well. I realized that my windshield needed to be replaced so that I could have more clarity in all aspects of my life. Those things are connected. Will the Universe bring me a Lamborghini? Not if I’m not taking care of what I already have now. The more you take care of what you already have, the more the Universe will know you are ready to receive more.

Gratitude has changed me immensely. It helped me go from a negative life to a positive one. When I took my niece on a cruise before Christmas, I wanted her to see a glimpse of what life had to offer. I wanted her to know that life didn’t have to be difficult or a struggle. What I wanted her to experience was way more than just the cruise. I wanted her to see that she could attract more than what she had in her life at that time. It gave her a new perspective on life and a sense of what else is possible.

When I came back on Christmas Day, I had $500 left in my account, and I wanted to get gifts for everyone. So I spent the remaining money on gifts. By New Year’s, I didn’t have any money left in my account. I decided then to ask my mom about the rest of my inheritance. My grandmother had passed away the year before, and I knew I had an additional amount coming from her.


The #1 Way To Bring More Into Your Life Is To Be Grateful For What You Have Now.


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