The power of intention

pleasantly surprises me on a daily basis. I believe it’s important to state your intentions every day. Write them down, tell an accountability partner, put it in a F.U.E.L. book—do whatever you need to do to clearly state your intentions.

The majority of the world wakes up every day and stumbles through their day. Things just happen to and around them. What if you had an opportunity to choose what happened for you during the day each and every day?


I love to tell myself, “Wake up every morning knowing something magical is about to happen.” That is an intention, almost like an affirmation, but even more powerful. Creating the intention for what you want to happen is like playing a game with the Universe. When you state or write down an intention and it comes true that same day, it reminds you how powerful your thoughts are and that you can create even more. At four in the afternoon, when I get an email saying the short sale was approved, after having written it down that morning, I think Wow, I created that! I had been working on it for four months, but the day we wrote it down, it happened.

Intentions help you play bigger. They will help you create and intend more every day. Once the little things happen, you still start to say, “Huh, what can I create today?” It allows you to create what you want instead of the Universe randomly handing you things throughout the day. When you make your intentions, you can be as vague or as a specific as you want. I might say, for instance, that I want to get 123 Elm Street under contract today. That’s a very specific request. Or my intention may be to pick up a new client today. That client could come from anywhere. People set goals all the time, but the words “I intend” or “my intention is” are much more powerful than “my goal is.” Intention is movement and action to make it happen.

By creating a list of intentions everyday you will stop sabotaging you own life and start thinking big and attracting more abundance in your life.

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