Understanding Your Soul Purpose in Life

We were born with sacred virtues. These sacred virtues help us understand the core of who we are as a human being. Most of us have two or three sacred virtues. They are tied to our core beliefs—those beliefs that are most important to us. Our sacred virtues drive and motivate us. They are what help us fulfill our life’s purpose.

When we discover these virtues and really live them, our life opens up to more than we’ve ever before expected. When these virtues are dishonored or tested, we can get angry, mad, and/or defensive. These virtues are so sacred that they can cause us to break away from our family, our friends, and other people we love.


One way to identify your sacred virtue is to look at what makes you angry about a situation. Other emotions besides anger can also be indicators. Physically, you might feel goose bumps about what you or someone else says or about something that happens. Those goose bumps represent a validation of your virtue. If you find that you are drawn to a particular character in a movie or a book, one you’d love to be and can easily relate to, this may be an indication of one or more of your sacred virtues. It could also be someone you know personally or someone you know about, someone you’d love to be more like—it could be their qualities, strengths, or even their way of living that you’re drawn to.

Yes, You ARE Here for a Reason!

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