What You Think About, You Bring About

Thoughts create things, so what you think about, you bring about. I talked about an example in the last chapter about time and one’s perception of being late, but it happens on a bigger scale as well. Your thoughts attract things to you. If you are running late and it throws you off track, then everything throughout your day can snowball—starting from a fight with someone and quite possibly ending with a flat tire. Most people don’t connect this sequence of events, but they are all connected by your thoughts.

Two years ago, I was running late for a family function. I was frustrated about being late, and when I arrived at my destination, I got out of my car and my brand new $2,200 MacBook fell out of my laptop bag and right onto the concrete. I was devastated. Thoughts raced through my head. Oh my gosh, I just got this four months ago. I’m sure it’s broken. What will I do? How will I get it fixed? Dropping my MacBook totally threw me for a loop, so much so that I almost didn’t go into the event. Because I am aware of energy and how it can affect what comes next, I didn’t want to bring what I was feeling into this next event. I was trying to “check myself at the door” but really struggling. Since I wasn’t able to completely let go of what had happened, I stayed through dinner and then left. I went straight home and immediately wrote 100 things I was grateful for.

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