As I’ve said before, we are all connected.

The More Loving I am The More Significant I Become

Our connection is way bigger than people imagine. We are all one in this world. We are all one being, and all energy is connected. More and more of us are beginning to understand and appreciate this. Our connection through energy is why when you are mean to someone it comes back to you tenfold. At the same time, when you offer love to others, it also comes back to you tenfold. The more love we give out, the more connected we realize we are, the more compassion we spread, the more gratitude we share, and the more all of these feelings will come back to us.

If we own and embrace our own energy, imagine what we can create. Whatever you do today is what you bring about for tomorrow. If you put out positive energy, positive energy comes back to you. It’s all connected. What you put out you receive. When you give from your heart, the Universe will take care of you the next time you need it.


When my girlfriend was sick with pneumonia, I called and asked if someone was bringing her dinner. She said no and I told her I’d be right there. I offered my help from my heart. I’ve been shown over and over again that I receive those same offers of love whenever I need them. That’s how our connection works. So … are you there when someone needs you? Next time you have the opportunity to help, I encourage you to step up and give it. Pay it forward!

Never Under Estimate the Power Of Connection.

Make Connection A Part Of Your Daily Routine. Download your What Would Faith Do? Connection Worksheet.