Becoming Your Own Greatest Fan

When you believe in yourself, more people will believe in you. But, did you notice that when you do NOT believe in yourself and when you are constantly criticizing yourself, more people seem to feel the same way about you that you do.


Become your own #1 Fan.

 Honoring Yourself

Every time you have a success, give yourself a gift. I reward myself every time I have a closing on a property. There is a lot of work that goes into what I do, so I honor myself and acknowledge it by giving myself a reward. I love getting pedicures, so a simple thing I do is schedule a pedicure every single time I have a closing. I follow through with it and honor my commitment to myself. It’s my reward to myself.

If you don’t reward yourself, who else will? To you, a reward might be a massage or a day off. It could be anything you desire. Just commit to yourself that you will follow through with it. If you commit to yourself to go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then do it. If you don’t commit to yourself, who will?

Make sure the words you say to yourself are loving and caring as well. Work on yourself first before you even try to help other people. Be the best possible person you can be. Instead of saying, “I don’t want this person to cheat on me,” say, “I know my partner is always there for me. Without a doubt my partner is committed to me. My partner always does loving things.” Remember, your wish is your command.

If something negative happens to you, honor yourself and your feelings. Many times, people don’t give themselves permission to honor their feelings, a loss, or even a failure. Whatever time you need, whether it’s ten minutes, ten days, or ten weeks, take care of yourself. Falling into a vicious trap of negativity or sorrow is not healthy or productive.

The #1 Way To Have People Believe In You Is To Start Believing In Yourself!

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