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All About Manifesting Jars

Hello, my friend. It’s Faith Young with What Would Faith Do? Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite things about manifesting jars. Have you created your own manifesting jar? The coolest thing about a manifesting jar is that you only put things that you want or things that you have already attracted into your jar. It’s about celebrating the law of attraction. This jar, and you can make it out of any jar. Just write manifesting jar on it. One of my coolest favorite ones are glass ones. You can see right through, and see what you put in there. You can definitely see the photo of it on my What Would Faith Do fan page. You can see my personal jar, there. The cool thing about manifesting jars is energy. Whatever you put in there, you receive. For example, you can put things that your heart desires. One of my favorite stories is, my lender and myself, we tend to give a manifesting jar to our first-time buyers. When we meet them for the first time, like at the appointment when I tell them about the buying process and set them up for success for the whole transaction. I’ll give them an empty manifesting jar. We’ll write our new home or my new home, and have them put it inside their jar. Really just tell them that this is energy, this is what you really desire. Think about how you would feel inside your new home. How it would smell, where would your puppies stay? Things like that, think about all of that in your... read more

The Law Of Attraction

Hello, my friend. It’s Faith Young with What Would Faith Do. Today’s message is about the law of attraction. The story I’m going to share with you is law of attraction at its finest. I believe the more you give, the more you receive. Now you truly need to give without expectations. For example, if you buy someone lunch for them to buy you lunch the next time, that’s not law of attraction. That’s entitlement. You expect them to buy you lunch. That’s not how it works. So, the thing is, law of attraction is what you give out graciously, you receive. I believe the more you give, the more you receive. It may come in totally different ways. It might not be a tit for a tat, for example, you buy dinner, I buy dinner. Right? That’s a tit for a tat. It might not be that way. Law of attraction is energy. That’s how I truly believe it, and the more you give, the more you receive. With Coldwell Banker every year, our president Chris McGat has the most amazing event. He has a Coors Field open for all of us to bring our clients to the Rockies game. Every year, I choose to bring the most people I can to the game. Last year, I brought three hundred and ten of my favorite people to the Rockies game. The coolest thing about that is: have you been to the Rockies game? You might be going to your own home team. Isn’t it so fun? It’s energy. It’s all about getting together. The cool thing is, because I brought... read more

A Message about Vulnerability

Hi, it’s Faith Young with “What Would Faith Do?”. Today I want to share a message with you about vulnerability. When I was growing up I thought vulnerability was a sign of someone being able to take advantage of you, a sign of weakness. Well I learned differently and discovered a few years ago when I was at a workshop, I had a friend come up to me and asked “Faith, do you know about vulnerability, can you explain to me a little about vulnerability?” I said “yes, absolutely.” I gave her an example of how on social media I allow myself to be vulnerable. Simply writing the words “I could really use some extra love right about now.” Just asking instead of saying “OMG, life sucks, this sucks..” Instead of coming from negativity I asked for positivity. For example, at the time my grandma died I posted I could really use some extra love right now. And, the coolest thing was my friends were texting me, calling me, and messaging me. So this is the story that I shared with her about vulnerability that it was a way of me opening myself up on social media saying that I could use some more help. Her next question to me was, “are you married?” I said, “not any more.” She says, “do you have any kids?” I say “no, I don’t have any kids.” She comes back with, “well maybe you’re not even the person I should be talking to about this.” And, literally she goes to walk away. I was left behind, with my jaw dropped, wondering what... read more

What You Think About You Bring About

Hi, It’s Faith Young, and it’s perfectly divine that you stopped by today. I believe what you think about you bring about, and I have personally discovered that in my life.   When I was growing up things were very negative and scarcity driven. At 18, I had a thought, one of those thoughts where you think it and it happens, like when you think you’re going to be late and you are. I thought to myself if I end up in the ER (emergency room) who’s gonna care, let alone show up to see me.   Sure enough, 1 week later i find myself rolling my Bronco 3 ½ times. While I was on my way to the ER I discovered that if that much negativity in my life could cause this much pain, imagine if I changed those thoughts to positive thoughts how much I could attract in my life.   At that very moment I changed my life! I changed the way I was thinking and created more. So, in my life experiences I have learned to shift my thinking and attract more into my life.   One way I have done this is by implementing the 6 tools from my book, “What Would Faith Do?”.   You, too, can learn the 6 tools to stop focusing on what you don’t want and attract more into your life.   Through the “Power of Gratitude,”  the “Power of Choice,” the “Power of Thought,” the “Power of Faith,” the “Power of Intention,” and the “Power of Receiving.” You will learn the tools in each one of these lessons,... read more

The Real Power Of Intention

You may have heard me talk about intention. I believe it is very important to set your intention on a daily basis! Before I wrote my book, I was coming from scarcity, I had even lost my house as a result. So when I wrote my book, one of my favorite pages, page 221, I wrote : “My intention is to manifest $200,000!” Well I believe when you put something in writing it becomes that much more powerful to the universe in declaring what you want. Sure enough, 2 months after my book was released, I did manifest my intention! I did this when I got the seller of my loft to do an owner carry, which meant he carried the note and gave me the money to purchase the loft. Absolutely incredible results from the Power of Intention! Download your free worksheet... read more

A Story About Receiving

You may have heard me talk about the “coffee cup” philosophy. It has to do with receiving gifts and more into your life. Well I want to share a story with you about receiving: A friend of mine has always had a tendency to tell her mom “no I’m good, I don’t need anything,” constantly. It would be for the simplest little things like leftovers. So my friend told me every time she goes to her mom’s house she wants to give her leftovers, and she says, “I don’t want leftovers what am I gonna do with that?”. I thought to myself, and shared, what if that’s all your mom could offer you were the leftovers. You’re rejecting her gift every single week. What if you just received those gifts and graciously said, “thank you mom, I’ll take home leftovers.” So, my friend actually started implementing this, even if she didn’t want to keep the leftovers. What if she gave them to a friend the next day at lunch, it doesn’t matter if you’re just being able to receive in a way she had never received before. As a result, she noticed her relationship with her mom had changed for the good, and less than a year later an opportunity presented itself to her when she went to refinance her home and she didn’t have the income to do it. Her mom, simply says, “well, what if I gave you the cash to pay it off and you just pay me monthly?”. What an incredible gift that showed up as a result of my friend practicing receiving on a... read more

Manifesting More and Receiving Gifts

Hi, It’s Faith Young with What Would Faith Do?”, and I want to talk to you about manifesting and receiving gifts. I use that word often and the reason why I do is because life is a gift for one. What a blessing that we get to receive gifts in our life. When you’re aware of how many gifts show up the coolest thing is that more gifts show up. Here’s an example, I went to lunch with a friend of mine, Zach, and he says “Hey Faith, how’s life?” I answered, “life is a gift and when you see life as a gift, gifts keep showing up.” So we ordered lunch at this place downtown and it was so awesome because when our meals arrived the cheeseburgers were wrapped in a bag with a bow on it, like a gift. It was so cool, they used the brown paper bag wrapping that deli’s use and delivered the sandwich that way with a bow tied on the top of it. I took a picture right away because this wasn’t just by accident that this gift appeared. So when you think about manifesting really one way to attract more manifestations into your life is to be grateful for the ones that are showing up. I have learned or created this awareness in my life to recognize when I’ve created something. When you have this awareness of things that are actually coming into your life, the coolest thing is, it attracts more of that. Start recognizing what you’ve already attracted, and again, I always say to attract more into your life... read more

Download your Manifesting Worksheet And Create More In Your Life

Hi everyone, it’s Faith Young with “What Would Faith Do? YouTube Show.” Welcome! Today we are going to talk about manifesting. This is something I’ve mastered and something I do very well. I want to share a few of my tips and tools with you that you can take back and implement into your own life immediately. I had a friend tell me that she does this really well too when she is in need or dire straits. That when shes down to nothing and really needs something this is when she is able to really manifest what she needs. I think many people can relate to this story, and forget that they can manifest as a tool on a daily basis. Manifesting is a lifestyle tool you can use to shift and attract good into your life on a daily basis, an hourly basis, kinda like shifting your path. One thing I do is set intentions, which is a great way to manifest and attract more into your life. I encourage you to go into my website and download your manifesting worksheet so you can start implementing it on a daily basis. For instance, things I put on there are like, “today is going to be full of magic.” Another intention I have is, “how many people’s lives can I make a positive impact on today?” So manifesting can really help when you put intentions and then when you think bigger you create space for something more. For example, if you write, “today is going to be bigger than I can imagine,” or  “today gifts will show up,”... read more

Attract What You Desire – The Pink Elephant Story

Attract What You Desire – The Pink Elephant Story Hi Guys, it’s Faith Young! Today, I want to talk to you about, ‘be careful what you wish for’.  We talk about manifesting a lot, and often people when they ask for something and it appears they’re like “oh, shoot, what do I do with this now?”. I like to describe this as my ‘Pink Elephant Story’. For example, if you wanted a pink elephant and you’re sitting in a restaurant; you think “yeah, yes, I want a pink elephant,” and this elephant just landed in the room, and “now, what do I do?”. In other words, be really careful for what you ask for, and make sure it’s something that you really want because when it comes into to your life how are you going to use it and implement it into your life, is it something that you’re ready to receive? People have a tendency to ask for things they don’t really want. One way to do this is to focus on what you do want instead of what you don’t want. You can do this by downloading my manifesting worksheet, and start practicing what you do want on a daily basis. I truly believe what you do think about you bring about. Implementing this on a daily basis, really making it part of your daily routine is a great way instead of stumbling through your day and having a pink elephant show up. Instead, manifesting is a beautiful way to attract what you really desire into your life! So start implementing it TODAY!! Attract what you really... read more