A Story About Receiving

You may have heard me talk about the “coffee cup” philosophy. It has to do with receiving gifts and more into your life.

Well I want to share a story with you about receiving:

A friend of mine has always had a tendency to tell her mom “no I’m good, I don’t need anything,” constantly. It would be for the simplest little things like leftovers. So my friend told me every time she goes to her mom’s house she wants to give her leftovers, and she says, “I don’t want leftovers what am I gonna do with that?”.

I thought to myself, and shared, what if that’s all your mom could offer you were the leftovers. You’re rejecting her gift every single week. What if you just received those gifts and graciously said, “thank you mom, I’ll take home leftovers.”

So, my friend actually started implementing this, even if she didn’t want to keep the leftovers. What if she gave them to a friend the next day at lunch, it doesn’t matter if you’re just being able to receive in a way she had never received before.

As a result, she noticed her relationship with her mom had changed for the good, and less than a year later an opportunity presented itself to her when she went to refinance her home and she didn’t have the income to do it. Her mom, simply says, “well, what if I gave you the cash to pay it off and you just pay me monthly?”.

What an incredible gift that showed up as a result of my friend practicing receiving on a daily basis. When you receive, more gifts can show up, more than you ever could have imagined.

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