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Hi Everyone, it’s Faith Young w/ “What Would Faith Do?”. Thank you for listening and I am happy to invite you all into my home on this beautiful, Colorado day. Today I thought I would talk to you guys about “being present”, present in the moment right now.

The majority of my whole life I have focused on the goal, the intention, setting a goal and it’s way out there, and my whole life I was focused on the dream. Getting to my goal, setting my goals or my dreams and working hard for that. What I discovered was I wasn’t getting it done.
Five years ago I went to my managing broker in my real estate office, and I said “Tammy, what can I do to take my business to the next level?” Her response was “be present,” and I really took that to heart. So being present meaning if you’re at a networking event be present at that event, if you’re at a training event be present, don’t be emailing and texting and facebooking during all these events. If you’re having dinner with a friend, be present, instead of picking up your iphone and looking at 17 times, be present in that moment.

The cool thing is I made my vision board that january, and my intention was to attract a new puppy into my life, my chihuahua. So I put the energy out there and I made that vision board on january 2nd, and January 7th was when she was born, and 4 weeks later lil Boo Boo came into my life. The coolest thing about having a puppy was my chance to be present. There’s is no better way to be present than with a puppy, or maybe a baby, because you don’t pick up the puppy and say “hey, I can’t wait till you grow up.” As a matter of fact I would find myself allowing my ohione to go to voicemail when I was spending time with her, and I would want to bottle her puppy breath. If anything you want to freeze the moment and keep her in that present moment, and it was a really, really good way for me to practice being present. I remember, five years ago when I got my puppy my boyfriend, at the time, asked me “Faith, why did you get a puppy?” I told him, “because I have a lot of love to give.”

So, that’s what I started doing, I started living present in the moment with my clients, with my business. When I would have a one on one or meet somebody for coffee and I would ask them “how can I be a contribution to you?”, and really see how impacting their life was important. I set my intentions on a daily basis and my intention is to make a powerful impact in people’s lives everyday. I started doing this with my clients and I thought all the time “whose life can I make an impact today with?” That is when I started just helping people in the moment, not focusing on the end result or that goal that I had to have 50 closings or whatever my intention had been in the past and I started living in the present.

What I discovered in this journey is that in the moment, in the present is where the magic is.

During the journey is where you really get to experience all that joy and that energy you put in. So, recently, for the past several years I have been practicing just living in the moment and being present with me, with my body, with my friends, with my puppy, and of course with my business. Being present in the moment instead of being focused on how much money I’ll make or how many goals I’ll achieve, and the coolest thing happened about 3 weeks ago. My managing broker called me to tell me I am in the TOP TEN of our office. I was blown away, I was so excited, I was surprised by any means, but it was so incredibly cool because when I joined the office 8 years ago it was a dream of mine but it was so far away it seemed to be in the top ten. It was a big goal of mine to do that, but again I was just focusing on impacting people’s lives instead of focusing on the end result. Because of that, this came into the present moment, and to put it into perspective, at Coldwell banker there’s 85,000 agents nationwide and our office is #3 in the entire nation for volume, and I’m in the TOP TEN. In fact, for closings in 2013 I earned being #3 for the entire office, and truly attribute that to many things. Gratitude, being grateful for what you have is the number one way to bring more into your life, and number two, being present, just like like managing broker suggested 5 years ago. Number three is setting my intentions, doing this to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

So, if right now you’re running through life, and you get home and you’re like rush, rush, rush, and this life that we live in is instant gratification. People want to meet that goal now, they want to have that money now, but really focus on “what is your real intention?” It wasn’t the goal I wanted, it was impacting people’s lives is what I really wanted, and as a result the beautiful goals came into reality right here in the moment. I encourage you guys to take a moment to think about what your intention is. Often people think it’s the money or the reward that they are really seeking, but it actually how you when you achieve that or how you feel on your way to achieving it.

For me impacting people’s lives was a great way to fill me up, share my gifts with others, and by focusing on that instead shifted my outcome. So, I highly recommend it, go out and get a puppy or something and start practicing being present. Go out there and be present, start enjoying the journey and that’s where the magic is, is in the journey. Have a magical day!!

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