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Hi everyone, it’s Faith Young with “What Would Faith Do? YouTube Show.” Welcome! Today we are going to talk about manifesting. This is something I’ve mastered and something I do very well. I want to share a few of my tips and tools with you that you can take back and implement into your own life immediately.

I had a friend tell me that she does this really well too when she is in need or dire straits. That when shes down to nothing and really needs something this is when she is able to really manifest what she needs. I think many people can relate to this story, and forget that they can manifest as a tool on a daily basis.

Manifesting is a lifestyle tool you can use to shift and attract good into your life on a daily basis, an hourly basis, kinda like shifting your path.

One thing I do is set intentions, which is a great way to manifest and attract more into your life. I encourage you to go into my website and download your manifesting worksheet so you can start implementing it on a daily basis.

For instance, things I put on there are like, “today is going to be full of magic.” Another intention I have is, “how many people’s lives can I make a positive impact on today?” So manifesting can really help when you put intentions and then when you think bigger you create space for something more.

For example, if you write, “today is going to be bigger than I can imagine,” or  “today gifts will show up,” it is so cool what happens because gifts can show up.

It is so much better to not say “I better have this today or I better get this today,” because that is not manifesting that is coming from entitlement and there’s a big difference. If you have any expectations that’s not manifesting. Attracting something into your life is taking action so for a gift to show you must manifest it and that lets the universe know you are ready to receive.

It is so important to have to take action because if you just said you wanted something and it just showed up what would you do? I like to share my pink elephant story when talking about this. If I decided I wanted a pink elephant right now and the universe just drops it down to me I’d be like “oh shoot, now what?” Instead, it’d be better to take action first. If you want an elephant, go do a little research on what they eat , where they eat, what they need. Doing this could be as simple as creating a vision board to see what you want, or talking to someone instead of just wishing it and making it happen.

Unfortunately, some people think manifesting should happen immediately, and that’s not necessarily true. It could happen in a few days, a few hours, a couple weeks. It’s when you’re ready receive. I believe your actions speak louder than words when it comes to your manifesting. So if you really want something in your life you have to make sure your actions mirror that.

Practicing your actions for your desires on a daily basis is important for manifesting. By asking yourself “what would I like to attract into my life” and practicing this on a daily basis it becomes a lifestyle.

Again, one way to practice this is to download my manifesting worksheet, and write on it every single day. A cool thing about that is keep your worksheets and at the bottom it says, “what have you already manifested?” Then if you’re having a rough day or a moment of weakness take a moment to write down the things that you’ve already manifested into your life.

For example, for me, my puppy Boo Boo, she was on my vision board 5 years ago when I had attracted her into my life, and so that is something you can celebrate. I used a picture of a chihuahua on my board and she was born, literally, 5 days after I had created that vision board. That is how powerful manifesting is, it can happen right away, but the belief is when you’re ready to receive is when the gifts appear.

If something isn’t appearing in your life that you have been trying to manifest for a long time, really take a moment and ask yourself, “what do I need to release in my life to attract this into my life?” And then just allow those answers to appear in however they may appear.

Manifesting has been an incredible part of my life and it is amazing what has shown up as a result.

So, there are so many ways that you can practice that and implement it and attract more than you can imagine into your life. I encourage you to PLAY BIG on that manifesting worksheet. If your intention is to make 2 phone calls today, well maybe put 4 on there for your intention, push yourself a little bit because playing big serves us well; it serves you well, it serves the people around you well, and I encourage you to try it on a daily basis.

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