Manifesting More and Receiving Gifts

Hi, It’s Faith Young with What Would Faith Do?”, and I want to talk to you about manifesting and receiving gifts. I use that word often and the reason why I do is because life is a gift for one. What a blessing that we get to receive gifts in our life. When you’re aware of how many gifts show up the coolest thing is that more gifts show up.

Here’s an example, I went to lunch with a friend of mine, Zach, and he says “Hey Faith, how’s life?” I answered, “life is a gift and when you see life as a gift, gifts keep showing up.” So we ordered lunch at this place downtown and it was so awesome because when our meals arrived the cheeseburgers were wrapped in a bag with a bow on it, like a gift.

It was so cool, they used the brown paper bag wrapping that deli’s use and delivered the sandwich that way with a bow tied on the top of it.

I took a picture right away because this wasn’t just by accident that this gift appeared. So when you think about manifesting really one way to attract more manifestations into your life is to be grateful for the ones that are showing up.

I have learned or created this awareness in my life to recognize when I’ve created something. When you have this awareness of things that are actually coming into your life, the coolest thing is, it attracts more of that.

Start recognizing what you’ve already attracted, and again, I always say to attract more into your life is be grateful for what you have now. Take this opportunity to think about all the gifts showing up in your life.

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