Stop Limiting Yourself, Set Your Intention, and Create More Space

Hi guys, it’s Faith Young, I believe that sometimes our beliefs can be limiting, that we actually limit ourselves from attracting more into our life by thinking things have to be a certain way.

For example, a friend a mine, when I met her several years ago said she was on her 5 year plan, and I said to her “5 year plan? What if you could do that in 5 months?” Her goal at this time was to be promoted to director and she says “ah, I can do this in 5 months?” And sure enough 6 months later she was walking across that stage as a director After that she called me to say, “Faith, if you didn’t help me to create more space in my life for something bigger, I would still be on my 5 year plan.”

Think about this story when you set intentions, your intentions can be limiting. So download my “Daily Intention Worksheet” (from my website), and think of things being bigger than you can imagine. Say this “my intention is to be a director now please, instead of in 5 years!”

Try it, I challenge you to start setting your intentions each and every day and see how they’ll powerfully impact your life.


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