Stop Saying I Know Shift Your Thoughts and Impact Your Life!

Boo Boo and I have a message today, a philosophy on this; people who have a tendency to say the words “I know.” For example when one person says “oh, you should try working out on Sunday morning because the gym is less busy,” and the other person responds with “oh yeah, I know.” So whenever I hear anyone say those words I really, literally stop them in their tracks because if you’re saying the words “I know” you are blocking off from receiving. You are telling the universe that you have all that you need and you don’t need this information. I know it sounds crazy but it really is true. The other thing that it does is it stops the person who’s giving you the message and leaves them with an ‘icky’ feeling because they feel like “if you already know then why am I sharing this with you?”


Next time you catch yourself or someone you know saying “I know” encourage them to shift those words. A friend of mine, when I first met him, said it quite often, and I encouraged him by saying “everytime you’re saying that it’s stopping information, you’re not allowing yourself to receive something new.” And even if it’s something you already know, you can simply say the words “thank you for that reminder or you’re right I should start implementing that” or “oh yeah that’s a good idea,” those are things that you can say instead. This is really important because then you are at least listening.


When you say the words “I know,” you’re not listening similar to when someone nods and says “uh-huh, uh-huh” and you can totally tell they aren’t listening.

Receiving is a great way to bring more into your life, and when you say the words “I know” you are actually blocking information from coming your way. Again, on the other end, for the person trying to give this information, you leave them feeling bad.


So as a result of practicing this with my friend for a couple months, he then shared with me as a child he was always told he was a know-it-all. Because of this it actually became part of his philosophy and as a result he feels bad if he doesn’t know the answer; he thinks that he should always know the answer as a result of hearing those words growing  up. For him that played a role in him saying “I know” when I would mention something to him. At this point in his life that role of being a ‘know-it-all’ didn’t serve him anymore and he learned to shift that and really receive it, say thank you, really be more of a listener. Listening to someone is a really great way to make them feel important.


If you are one of those people that say “yeah, I know”  or a more common saying now, “Right! I know” then try to begin shifting this yourself and it might even make you more aware of when other people say it. So gently share this story with them. I challenge you to stop using the words “I know” and start receiving more information; you can simply say “thank you” when someone tells you something you already know because it’s a gift, it’s a reminder, maybe it’s exactly what you needed to hear.


Allow yourself to receive and shift your thoughts, and shifting your thoughts is the most powerful way to shift your life.


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