The Law Of Attraction

Hello, my friend. It’s Faith Young with What Would Faith Do. Today’s message is about the law of attraction. The story I’m going to share with you is law of attraction at its finest. I believe the more you give, the more you receive. Now you truly need to give without expectations. For example, if you buy someone lunch for them to buy you lunch the next time, that’s not law of attraction. That’s entitlement. You expect them to buy you lunch. That’s not how it works.

So, the thing is, law of attraction is what you give out graciously, you receive. I believe the more you give, the more you receive. It may come in totally different ways. It might not be a tit for a tat, for example, you buy dinner, I buy dinner. Right? That’s a tit for a tat. It might not be that way. Law of attraction is energy. That’s how I truly believe it, and the more you give, the more you receive.

With Coldwell Banker every year, our president Chris McGat has the most amazing event. He has a Coors Field open for all of us to bring our clients to the Rockies game. Every year, I choose to bring the most people I can to the game. Last year, I brought three hundred and ten of my favorite people to the Rockies game.

The coolest thing about that is: have you been to the Rockies game? You might be going to your own home team. Isn’t it so fun? It’s energy. It’s all about getting together. The cool thing is, because I brought the most people to the game, I got to go down on the field for opening ceremony. Have you ever got to do that? It’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I’ve got to do it twice!

Actually, one of my favorite selfies I’ve ever taken is my selfie that I took with Dinger, the mascot, down on Coors Field on opening ceremony. Law of attraction, right? We’re speaking about law of attraction. We’re speaking about the Rockies, the Colorado Rockies. I love the Rockies! Well, guess what? Sure enough, yesterday – I kid you not – one of my good friends texts me, my friend Tiffany. Her friend Dan and Steven invited me to go to the Rockies game tonight. How cool is that? Law of attraction at its finest.

I went over and picked up my ticket on lunch, and I get to go celebrate with them and watch the Rockies play tonight. That’s the law of attraction at its finest. I buy tickets for my clients just to give back. It’s my way to pay it forward to people who might never be able to go to the game. How cool is that, that I’ve attracted a Rockies game? Also what I do with that ticket is once the game is over, I put it in my manifesting jar. I’ve talked about that before. Go back and watch the YouTube video about my manifesting jar, and learn more about that.

The law of attraction is a powerful way to attract more into your life. I truly believe that there’s three steps to law of attraction. One, you’ve got to believe it’s possible. Two, you’ve got to take action, and you’ve got to be ready to receive.

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