What You Think About You Bring About

Hi, It’s Faith Young, and it’s perfectly divine that you stopped by today. I believe what you think about you bring about, and I have personally discovered that in my life.


When I was growing up things were very negative and scarcity driven. At 18, I had a thought, one of those thoughts where you think it and it happens, like when you think you’re going to be late and you are. I thought to myself if I end up in the ER (emergency room) who’s gonna care, let alone show up to see me.


Sure enough, 1 week later i find myself rolling my Bronco 3 ½ times. While I was on my way to the ER I discovered that if that much negativity in my life could cause this much pain, imagine if I changed those thoughts to positive thoughts how much I could attract in my life.


At that very moment I changed my life! I changed the way I was thinking and created more. So, in my life experiences I have learned to shift my thinking and attract more into my life.


One way I have done this is by implementing the 6 tools from my book, “What Would Faith Do?”.


You, too, can learn the 6 tools to stop focusing on what you don’t want and attract more into your life.


Through the “Power of Gratitude,”  the “Power of Choice,” the “Power of Thought,” the “Power of Faith,” the “Power of Intention,” and the “Power of Receiving.” You will learn the tools in each one of these lessons, as well as, challenging you to take action steps, and I will be here along the way to see your results.

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